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Return of the Prairie: Native Grasses for the Gardener

"Grasslands are not a drive-by landscape. Unless you get out in them and observe, you will never understand how diverse they are, and how much is going on."

-Newsletter of California Native Grass Association. 

Here at Larner Seeds, we've long (35 years) been interested in California's perennial native bunchgrasses - for their beauty and  for their importance as part of a threatened ecosystem.

There are many reasons to be intrigued by native bunchgrasses, and the gardener's experiences with them can be enhanced by a general understanding of their place in the California landscape.

Once you tune in to the visual rhythm of bunchgrasses, they can be readily spotted from a distance.

The excitement of finding them will enhance your hikes, and a great way to gain familiarity with them is.....TO GROW THEM.

Take A Leap of Faith

A Leap of Faith:

Sometimes customers ask, "If I convert my garden to native plants, what will the results be? Which birds and insects will reappear, and when? How long will it take and what will happen?"

Exactly what will result from your garden of regional native plants cannot be exactly predicted, but that it will be better than the alternatives, few can doubt. There is much information now,  and examples abound. Each garden, depending on its unique factors of site, climate, soils, moisture, exposure, land-use history, and current surroundings, will have its own limitations and opportunities, not knowable in advance. There is no point in declaring what the set of possibilities is or is not; it cannot be known.

Your first moment of hope cannot be predicted.