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Clarkias; The Useful and the Beautiful

Which clarkias will you plant this year? Clarkias as much as any native California genus lend themselves to horticultural frivolity and play. Sturdy and tough, easy to grow, they are adaptable in containers,or to broadcasting in the ground. They reseed vigorously and can be sown throughout the year for bloom from May through October. We even once had Clarkia amoena growing in a container for over three years, coming to resemble a small blossoming tree with a semi-woody stem.

Wandering thru Wildflowers

As I roam the wildflower fields in the spring, I speculate that humans have an actual biochemical response to this phenomenon. I fancy that these beautiful flowers stimulate powerful bursts of serotonin, chemicals surging through the blood that allow the ignoring of painfully strong winds or baking heat or scratchy seed-laden socks, as we search and wander, continually amazed. The places that still sing this song of annual wildflowers are fewer all the time. They teach us what we need to know, so that wandering through wildflowers might happen at home too.