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In Bloom Today

It's been a very long time since I've updated our Garden Journal on our website, but the remarkable late summer bloom has inspired me. In bloom today: August 2, 2013.

It's hard to believe how much is in bloom at the beginning of August in the coastal Larner Seeds Demonstration Garden, but here goes:  Annual wildflowers are heavy on the clarkias, including Clarkia rubicundaClarkia amoena 'The Real," Clarkia amoena 'The Unreal,' and Clarkia unguiculata. Also, Trifolium wormskioldii, springbank clover, is responding to a bit of extra moisture with a whole new round of flowers. 
This interesting clover is one of the few native clovers that are perennial, its roots are an important rootfood in the northwest, and it lives up to its name of springbank clover by growing on banks with springs. We also have Trifolium gracilentum in bloom, one of the tastiest native clovers. This annual is available in 4" pots.

Here Comes The Heavenly Season, 2013

Wildflower seedlings are now making good growth, having germinated with the fall and winter rains. Soon, they will be bursting into bloom.  Tip: Rain in January and February is critical for a good spring bloom. Since it has been a record-breaking dry spell, provide irrigation now where and if you can. 

We've been asked if it's too late to sow in February and March. We do it all the time, and you can too, if you are willing to provide irrigation for early germination and to make good root growth. We sow wildflower seed in the ground as late as April.

We've frequently been asked to supply images of seed leaves (the first to emerge from the seed) and true leaves (the first to assume the shape of the plant's juvenile leaves) to facilitate weeding. We’re slowly building up a seedling photo library. So look for them in our online catalog and on our Facebook page

They frequently make a fascinating contrast – idea for new board game! Matching seed leaves with the correct true leaves. Coming soon! Looking for a good name!

Horticultural Play with Wildflowers