Driving Directions

From Stinson Beach, Mill Valley, San Francisco, South Bay

From Stinson Beach, head north along the Bolinas Lagoon on Coast Highway One. At the north end of the lagoon, take the first possible left. Continue along the lagoon on the Olema-Bolinas Road for about one mile till you reach the first stop sign. See "This part of the directions is the same for everyone" below.

From the East Bay, Richmond Bridge, San Rafael, San Geronimo Valley

Take Sir Francis Drake Boulevard to Olema. Turn left onto Coast Highway One and proceed south about nine miles. You will be driving through the Olema Valley and will not be in sight of the ocean. When you see water for the first time, it will be the Bolinas Lagoon. You will notice a large new England-style farmhouse off to the left. Turn right just before the lagoon and proceed along the lagoon about one mile to the first stop sign.

(If you miss the turnoff for Bolinas - there is no sign - the lagoon will be on your right andyou will be on your way to Stinson Beach. Turn around.) See "This part of the directions is the same for everyone."

The following part of the directions is the same for everyone.

At the first stop sign, turn left (you will see Las Baulines Nursery on the corner). Proceed past the schoolhouse and up the hill to the next stop sign. Turn right here on Mesa Road. Going straight would take you into downtown Bolinas, where you may want to go for lunch. Larner Seeds is on "the Big Mesa."

Accordingly, go up the hill, pass the firehouse, and take the first left, which is Overlook Rd. Go three blocks on Overlook to Elm Rd (first paved cross street you'll come to). Turn right on Elm, *For the Larner Seeds Garden Shop and Demonstration Garden, go seven blocks on Elm Rd. to Grove Rd. (again, the first paved cross street off Elm). Turn right on Grove. The Larner Seeds Demonstration Garden is on the right in the middle of the block, at 235 Grove Road.

Park by the gate and walk through the garden to the office in the back.

* For the Quail House vacation rental and for UPS deliveries, go down only six blocks on Elm Road and turn right on Fern Road. Proceed to the middle of the block, to the small grey house on left - 235 Fern Road. Continue 100 feet till see indent on the left. Park here for the Quail House. Note Quail sculptures on gate!