Bigelow's Coreopsis, Bigelow's tickseed

Coreopsis bigelovii

4-12” tall showy yellow desert flower growing in the Mojave and other arid inland parts of California to the Santa Monica Mtns. It likes dry gravelly slopes and valleys. Stunning in masses. It is found in the southern California Coast Ranges, southwestern Sierra Nevada, Transverse Ranges, and the Mojave and Colorado deserts. It is widespread in a number of habitat types from Merced and Inyo Counties south to San Diego County. Grow it in masses in full sun, with other daisylike yelllow wildflowers like tidy tips and goldfields nearby. Together they make a dizzying symphony of spring yellows.

Also called “Bigelow's tickseed” because of the shape of the seed. It is perhaps the only spring-blooming annual wildflower that was eaten as a gree vegetable. Many other wildflowers were prized for their edible seeds, but not their edible foliage.