Central Valley Wildflower Seed Collection

The Central Valley Collections For the Central Valley Connection

We are increasing our seed listings of species from the Central Valley, that land of contradictions, and past and present beauty. With a complex history of land-use both difficult and glorious, the Central Valley still harbors some of the greatest plant and animal refuges in the state of California.

In the collections listed below, we hope to promote the forbs and grasses that can still be found in the Arena Plains and other refuges. From Stockton to Modesto to Pixley, they can turn the gardens around houses to oases of beauty, color, and vibrant life.

We are also offering Streams of the San Joaquin, the superb book by Robert Edminster. Listed at $25.00, we are offering autographed copies at $20.00, with the purchase of either Central Valley Collection.

Central Valley Wildflower Collection
($32.50 value for $27.95)

Asclepias fascicularis (narrow-leaf milkweed) –pkt
Calandrinia ciliata (red maids) –pkt
Coreopsis bigelovii (Bigelow's coreopsis) –pkt
Lasthenia californica (California goldfields) ½ oz
Trifolium wildenovii (tomcat clover) –pkt