Creeping Wildrye, Beardless Wildrye

Elymus triticoides

Beardless wildrye, Elymus triticoides, (formerly Leymus triticoides), is one of the few rhizomatous native grasses and is well-suited for the large landscape. It is found in California and throughout the West. This vigorous grass grows 2 to 4 ft. tall with upright spikes 8 in. long. It blooms in June and July and tolerates sun or shade.  Graceful, understated, "Oriental" effect.

Like others in the genus Elymus, it is a host plant for the woodland skipper.

It likes some moisture but can do without. It has a very wide range and can survive on from 6 to 63" of water and tolerate from zero to 8 months of rain.  Plant it knowing that it will spread, and be prepared to contain it if that is undesirable. Easy, tough, and widespread. Some think that this species was the most prevalent native grass in California.

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