Drink Deep:  To honor water,  we have chosen a worthy container - Earth-In Canteens, local and lovely, made from California clay by California potters. Great as an "in-car water source," remaining sweet and cool thru hot summer days.Sustainably made in northern California from California clay and lead-free glazes, these water bottles are lightweight, durable, and attractive. They provide a great ecological alternative to stainless steel, with its problematic manufacturing side effects, or plastic, with its addition to the waste stream. 

NO heavy metals, EA-Free (endocrine active-free). Naturally non-toxic.
Natural cork stopper from sustainable cork oak forests in Portugal
Certified lead-free, high-fire glazes mixed in Los Angeles, CA
Non-reactive ceramic is perfect for any liquid: water, kombucha, smoothies, bulk olive oils,  alkaline, neutral or acidic beverages.
Dishwasher safe. Gently hand wash cork with hot soapy water. Air dry in sunshine.

Capacity 24 fluid ounces
Weight 16oz
Size 25cm height x 6.5cm wide and opening diameter 3.5cm (9.8in x 2.6in and 1.4in opening diameter

Available in: Bone White, Matte Red, Charcoal Black, & Sea-glass Blue.

It's a joy to drink water from a container that doesn't add a metallic taste.