Gully Lupine

Lupinus densiflorus

This lupine is one of our favorite members of the genus Lupinus.T his annual wildflower, growing 6" to 12" tall has petals of white to yellow, pink or lavender-tinged and deserves a more poetic name than "Gully lupine." Its pastel colors are reminiscent of a wedding cake, and it would be a beautiful decoration for one. It's very tough and survives on roadsides where the worst of the worst weeds are also found, so it's quite a survivor.

Not used enough in gardens, it blooms later than the blue lupines and would beautifully complement a "white flower garden." Other flowers to use in such a garden might include: Baby white eyes, Nemophila menziesii var. atomaria, Grand linanthus, Linanthus grandiflorus, white hyacinth brodiaea, Triteleia hyacinthina, coast wallflower, Erysimum capitatum, ocean spray, Holodiscus discolor, elderberry, Sambucus caerulea, mockorange, Philadelphus lewisii, and California poppy 'Moonglow.white meadowfoam, Limnanthes alba, and cream cups, Platystemon californicum.'  An amazing place to be on a full moon summer evening.

Gully lupine has a wide geographic range. Available in Packets only.