Oregon White Oak

Quercus garryana

This important deciduous oak grows throughout northern California, into Oregon and as far north as Vancouver, B.C. It is the only oak species found in Washington State. One variety can be found as far south as LA County, in a confined region.

It has lobed leaves with spines on the tips.

Oregon white oaks, like other California oaks, are the sole larval food plants for two Lepidoptera: Propertius duskywing butterfly Erynnis propertius and
Bucculatrix zophopasta leaf-mining moth. It provides habitat for many animals, including squirrels, chipmonks, jays, woodpeckers, and others.

Acorns are collected October thru November, and are usually not available after January 1. Acorn crops vary from year to year, so availability is updated every fall. Ordering before October is helpful, so we can ship the acorns as soon as they are collected.

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