Swathe Quarter Pound

Our Swathe Quarter Pounds:

A "swathe" refers to the way wildflowers sometimes grow in the wild - that is, in a mass of one species that merges and blends into a mass of another species. For example, goldfields (Lasthenia californica or Lasthenia glabrata) frequently grow in areas of pure goldfields, next to an area of pure tidy tips (Layia platyglossa). By offering the different wildflowers in separate ounces, we give the gardener the option of sowing them that way, rather than mixed together, as in our Wildflower Mixes. Both ways are beautiful, just different.

To order a Swathe 1/4 lb, list 4 individual species of your choice. One ounce of each, for $38.00, which would otherwise cost $44.00.

The Swathe 1/4 lb. is our way to promote horticultural play with wildflowers.  You might choose to plant a pool of tidy tips that overlaps with a pool of goldfields, a dynamite combination often found in those parts of California still fortunate enough to have annual wildflower displays. You might unify these pools with a sprinkling of baby blue eyes or sky lupine. Your fourth species could be an offset sowing of Chinese houses. Delicious! The possibilities are endless!

Please Note: This offer applies to annual wildflowers only, and  only to certain annual wildflowers. Do not to choose to include those which say "packet only" and/or are classified as "Hand-collected."

Most perennial wildflowers, unless specified, are not sold by the ounce and are mostly hand-collected. They cannot be included in the Swathe Quarter Pounds, so should not be among your choices.  Thanks for understanding this offer.

Do not include MIner's lettuce, Castilleja exserta ssp exserta, Coastal form of Ca poppy, or Meadowfoam in your swathe quarter pound.