Wildcrafted Fermentation

This beautiful book arrived at the Larner Seeds Shop and was immediately snatched up by our staff, requiring immediate re-ordering. I knew there was increased interest in fermentation of late, but I didn't realize how intense and passionate it was until 3 out of 3 employees, under age 40, immediately purchased Baudar's book.  Having read the book, I'm a convert too.
Pascal Baudar is one of the best food writers I know. I sampled his creations at a Wild Food symposium put on by Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. I was impressed then by his creativity and originality. He is a clear and accessible writer, and he makes a convincing case for the healthfulness and deliciousness of fermented foods using locally wild ingredients. The color illustrations are as beautiful and helpful as only Chelsea Green Publishers, with their admirable commitment to green publishing, makes them.
Great gift for chefs, millennials, survivalists, and foodies of all stripes!