NorthBay Late Spring

Wildflower Mixture

The Northbay Late Spring Wildflower Mix is inspired by and hand-harvested from a flowerfield in Marin County, CA, which with its unique combination of species reminds us that each flower field once had its own particular plant palette.

It consists of 4 annual wildflowers, (hayfield tarweed, dwarf plantain, goldfields, sky lupine), 1 perennial wildflower (blue-eyed grass), and one native grass, (CA meadow barley).

This field, with its varied vegetation architecture, has hayfield tarweed as the mainstay at the mid-level, with CA meadowbarley waving like a flag above it, blue-eyed grass and sky lupine nestled below it, and dwarf plantain, a diminutive and surprisingly tough native plantain which is an obligate host plant for the bay checkerspot butterfly, at the base.

We use traditiional methods of seedharvesting to ensure the continuity of this precious meadow. By harvesting only once during the season, and leaving the remainder of the plants intact while knocking ripened seed into the gathering bowl, the remaining flowers and immature seeds are allowed to continue to ripen and then drop. Insect populations remain intact.

The botanical names are: Hemizonia congesta ssp lutescens, Lupinus nanus, Lasthenia glabrata, and Plantago erecta, Sisyrinchium bellum, and  Hordeum brachyantherum .

Available by packet only, one packet will sow an area 4'x4' wide, or 16 square feet. View this flowerfield on video by going to Hayfield Tarweed.