Wildflowers of Northern California's North Coast Ranges

A photographic guide to Native Plants of California's North Coast Range
by Reny Parker, 266 pages


A photographic guide to wildflowers of four of the west coast's most beautiful counties: Marin, Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino. Dedicated  wildflower aficionado Reny Parker presents 358 species of wildflowers, an easy to use guide grouped by color, with glowing, helpful photos, habitats, garden tips, native uses, natural history, and wildflower hot spots.Includes 542 full color images of the native plants of this area, the familiar as well as the shy beauties that must be sought out. Discover 358 species, 83 plant families, of wildflowers. Close up photos for identification. Learn bloom times, habitats, garden tips, native uses, natural history, 33 wildflower hot spots with maps.

The author was self-publishing this book but is doing so no longer. However, we have a stash! Used copies are listed on Amazon for $90.00 and over, we are making it available for $65.00. This book by the winner of numerous awards deserves to be available.