Store Policies

Warranty Policy


We warrant only to the extent of purchase price that seeds sold are as described, within recognized tolerances. We give no other or further warranty, express or implied. The placing of an order with us constitutes acceptance of the above-mentioned terms and conditions by the purchaser. 

It may be necessary to delay shipment of your order till the next harvest of fresh seed. Please be patient with our endeavor to supply you with seed of optimum quality and freshness. 

Prices are subject to change without notice. 


Our Customers

Our customers are an unusual lot. They are dedicated, informed, and unstinting in their . They should be studied. But don't worry. We have not and never will sell our mailing list. It is not necessary to make a special request, as this has always been our policy. The last thing our mailboxes, (and our forests) need is more unsolicited mail. We are in the business of selling seeds, not names.

"Not Currently Available"

Due to the variable nature of our seed harvests, some species are occasionally unavailable. We mark these "Not currently available." When the next harvest is gathered, cleaned, and packed up, the listing will have the "Not currently available" label removed, and you can assume that it is again available.

Phone Consultations

One of the most difficult aspects of this business is trying to recommend seeds or plants or procedures for areas that are being described to us over the phone. All sites differ in a multitude of ways; eliciting relevant information is a lengthy and demanding process. We hope to be experts but don't aspire to be psychics. (There is no substitute for actually seeing the site).

If you want information on seed-sowing rates, please have your area measured out in advance.

Because we are a small business with many irons in the fire, we request that phone calls be limited to five to ten minutes per customer. Phone consultations of more than ten minutes must be arranged by appointment and are billed at our hourly rate of $100.00.


A restocking fee will be charged at 10% of the total cost of the order.

California residents add 8.5% tax to the order sub-total.

Paying with a Check

If you prefer to pay with a check, fill out the Regular Order Form, and check the box that says you are paying with a check. Print it out and mail with check made out to "Larner Seeds". We will fill your order when we receive the check.

Mailing Address:

Larner Seeds
PO Box 407
Bolinas, California 94924