Wildflower Seed Mixes

Planting a wildflower mix is a good way to begin or further your wildflower education, as different flowers appear in different combinations through the spring and summer. We offer four different wildflower mixtures, each with 15-20 different species. Mixed together, they provide a unique "pointillist" visual. Some wildflower fields in nature grow with individual species in "swaths," areas of from 5 feet across to 20' across. If you'd like to try this way of growing wildflowers, check out our "Swathe 1/4."

The basic requirements are: sufficient moisture for germination and early growth, a relatively weed-free seedbed, good seed-soil contact, and sun to bring out spring bloom. In some situations, we recommend our "Seedbed Protector" to prevent birds from eating the seeds. See our "How-To Grow California Wildflowers" for more details.

California Shady Wildflower Mix
Marin Meadow Wildflower Mix
Pollinator Conservation Seed Mix, including Achillea, Clarkia, Grindelia, and more.
with Yarrow and the Coastal Form of the California Poppy